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This game is very decent, and has a very interesting mechanic, especially for jam game! As with all jam games the game is short, but it is enjoyable! 

One thing that I struggled with a little bit was figuring from the angle of the camera exactly how many clicks were required but hey, that's part of the challenge I guess!

Here's my play through for those interested:

Thanks for playing!

Hey guys!

I enjoyed your game It gave me vibes of "Do You Copy" and "Five Nights At Freddies". While the game is very rough around the edges I think the core concept is what shines. It has potential to grow into something far larger. 

I wish you luck in the future, I've featured the game on my channel. 

Good game. Would love to see a full game made based this concept. Good job for less than 2 days work.


I found this really enjoyable and a good mind puzzler. Though I wish the map itself could be more randomized.

Very well done! I enjoyed it and think the idea is awesome! I'd love to see it expanded upon. 

Awesome idea, but I had a little trouble understanding which hallway our friend would go through. Really solid entry though!

FANTASTIC game! played the game on Yotube here!

We just saw the notification, but it's too late now to play a horror game ;)
We'll check it out tomorrow! The screenshots already look pretty promising.

Great, looking forward to hear what you think :)