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the "improved demo" version is invalid please fix this

how do the baskets work? also after a little bit the wallets stopped apearring

any cans that fall into the basket are stored there. it can only store 10 tho. if you want to deposit anything in the basket just put the basket inside one of the bigger holes in the wall.

Just uploaded a video on you game ;3 (Check it out)

Cool! This is a great motivation to continue working on the full game :-)

If you Would I would ask you to put turn conveyors and other items to help get cans into the press

(also would having the arms coming through the 2 conveyor be considered an easter egg ;-) or no)

Thanks ME

The final version of the game will have LOTS of cool new machines, so follow me here on to get a notofication when a release date is set :D

But what about the easter egg

The arm is an easter egg, and also a way to make the second conveyor a bit more challenging

More stuff ?

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I am working hard on a full game, follow my twitter (or account) for more info later :-)

Gameplay Video:

Great video! I loved watching it, and i got a lot of good suggestions on how to make it better!

Thanks for watching!

I think I played through the whole game :P, it's automated fully :P


Are you the only developer on this game?
If yes, need any help?

here are some flaws: no save method (at least i dont think so).
If you lift a conveyor belt and accedentaly touches a wall it teleports to the middle and if you try to pick it up, it dissapears, only to reappear in the middle when you re-press E. this also affects new conveyor belts you buy.

Deleted 5 years ago
Deleted 5 years ago

Bug fixed! :D BTW, there won't be a save method in this alpha version, but the full game will of course have a deep save system.

sweet! thank you for acnoliging (acnologing?) this bug :D

Thank you for reporting it :-)

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy its a good game

Great to hear!

Great game! Altough i dont like how the bottles and cans bounce differently, it it pretty annoying.

Nice to hear that you like my game! I can agree to some extent it can be an annoyance factor, but i will evolve that concept in the full version to give different objects different rewards and combos. I will also add some sort of objects to make sorting easier.

How do you pick up the "Press"

Press "E" (no pun intended) ;-)

Ayeee,that's mai boy

No fullscreen or size of choice which cause many vsync promblems for large sized computer screens.

I should be able to fix that in an update today