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So refreshing with a good weird horror game with alot of inspiration from older horror games and tv-series. You did an amazing job with the whole visual part of the game. I especially like the whole Orebro Castle part the best. 

The controller and camera angels woke up some really horrible memories about the bad game design from back then. But that in itself had a charm that only those old games could offer. So I didn't think that someone would actually try and use that today in a game. It do make the game a bit harder when you ain't use to it anymore.  

Weird environments, good monster and hard enought puzzle makes up for a good gameplay. 

Thanks for playing, and also for the critique :D

P.s. You're from Sweden right? You seemed to recognize Örebro Castle pretty well :)

You're absolutely right. I am from Sweden. I've been in Örebro just a few times and most of them around the city center. So that castle wasn't to hard to recognise. So it was cool to see you add that into the game.

check out my gameplay if youd like? :D


Was getting a message to launch the game with -opengl3 support using Linux, but I knew my card supported OpenGL up to version 4.2 or 4.3. Launching with -opengl3 made the game unplayable but after searching on google forever and trying more cutting edge versions of Mesa and so on, I found out that for using open source drivers (I have a Firepro "Turks" V3900) that manually CDing into the folder with Wake and running the command 


Got the game up and running like it should be. Hope this helps somebody. Might be worth a shot for anybody running Linux in general, or in my case Linux Mint 19/Ubuntu 18.04.1 and using the oifab amd/ati drivers but possibly not getting the correct OpenGL version when running glxinfo as I was. The hardware on my card supported it, but Mesa/DRI or whatever didn't properly detect it. Possibly a bug, but certainly worked.

Note: This probably won't work with closed binary drivers like Nvidia, I'm not sure if that relies on mesa or its own implimentation.


The camera angle is impressive. I really enjoyed the game 

Thanks for playing :)

This game was absolutely amazing. It was like watching a Twin Peaks episode. Of course, this means understanding almost nothing firsthand, which is awesome in a horror / surreal game lol Would you consider a sequel / spiritual successor? 

Anyways, here's my let's play of the game! I don't know if you understand french, but here it is anyways~

Thanks for playing, I do have a bigger spiritual successor in mind, but it would take some time to develop though :)

Well, I wish you the best of luck then!

Great game! 

I enjoyed it  a lot,  here is my gameplay

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wait a second

Well, i played the game, it was spooky, it was good, and i really like that you took pictures in real life and put them in the game as a level. Very cool :ok_hand:

Lol, thanks for playing ;)

I honestly can't praise this game enough. I LOVE IT! I seriously hope you do more with it. I'm releasing my gameplay of it on my Youtube and part 1 (of 4) went live this morning. 

An aesthetically appealing, atmospheric game with a surreal premise - I liked that a lot! The installation of puzzles, the logic of which must first be deciphered, and the abandonment of clumsy cutscare horror underline the overall concept extremely well. <3 In fact, it's a very interesting approach to dreams and nightmares in a ludic way, which I've been very happy to recommend in an article on our blog. For those of you who are a little bit confused with some of the puzzles, I recommend a look at our playthrough video. Excellent work, please keep it up! :)

Best wishes,

Absolutely phenomenal game! The "speed-up" mechanic allowed for a faster way to do things, without giving us a dash, or any way to outrun any baddies, and the puzzles were fun to complete. Monsters were spooky, and the entire game had a cohesive feel to it!

Absolute BLAST to play, and I hope to see more in the future!

Thanks for playing and for all the kind words!

As a big fan of Twin Peaks myself, I had to give this one a look. It's pretty solid for a game jam! The environments were cool and aside from one or two camera angles obscuring a bit, it looked great. I had fun with it so I decided to throw together a quick video. Looking forward to whatever crazy stuff you guys come up with next!

Thanks for playing, love the way you added these Twin Peaks clips! :)

This is inception level gaming right here and it really led me into a loop for a while.

Thanks for playing :)

could you PLSSSS make an update on Cool forts prevail, ive been playing it with my father some times and there are problems like you dont have team m8 or the space pirates are to strong and Stuff you know what i mean like give us TEAM MATES or MORE WEAPONS or 2 DIFFERENT MAPS or THAT THE BOTS ATTACK YOU and not go to their home when you attack them. so plsssssssssssss make an update on that game it could beee soooo gooood PLSSSSS 

It's great to hear that you still play the game! I don't think I currently have time to go back to that game, but I'm working on an upcoming fps game that will have gamemodes similar to Cool Forts Prevail. I sadly don't have too much time to work on games since its only a hobby, but I will surely keep your ideas in mind if i could find the time :)

Can you make splitscreen then for the new game?

Already done :)

Last question (thanks btw) when does the game come out and arent you gonna work on steam later this month or something?

I currenty can't anticipate a release window for the game, but I'd say next year probably (I'm developing two big games simultaneously right now) 

Made a video


Thanks for trying it out! :)

This was very cool. The graphics and backdrops were great and the music and sound were spot on and atmospheric. Not sure I was supposed to go around twice but what the hell. Great game... :)


Thanks for making a video about my game! You're actually supposed to die the first time you meet the three monsters, but you're the first person (except me) who I've actually seen managing to evade them. Great skills there!


Gave it a go...


Love that title and thumbnail :)

Not at all what I expected, but I still had some fun with this. Good job. 

Really cool game. I usually don't like dream based games, but this was really good. 

Many thanks for playing! Great video, you really did a nice effort there at the end ;)