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Added ramps (new update)
There should now be a few ramps placed around the islands. There is also some shameless marketing for my upcoming game Recyclinator. A bug causing the oven not...
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Big update!
This version adds some new things and squashes some bugs. Changes: Fixed the Vinesauce bug. (You couldn't pick out pizzas from the oven) Added upgrades to the m...
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New update!
In this update I've added more resolution options and fixed the mouse position during placing and baking. You can also do moped backflips by holding space in-ai...
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Linux and 32-bit versions added!
Now, Linux owners and Windows owners with 32-bit systems can enjoy The Incredible Story of Pizza!...
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A new update for the game: Collectable feathers! Unleash your inner Ezio by collecting feathers hidden all over the island. Custom Resolution! Untested, but sho...
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First version of The Incredible Story of Pizza is available!
My submission to the Awful Winter Jam 2018 is available to download now. Have fun and tell me what you think! :D...
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