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EARLY ACCESS - Full release spring 2018

Recyclinator is a relaxed puzzle game where you build increasingly advanced contraptions. Everything is physically simulated and you are encouraged to solve the problems in your own way. Also playable in split-screen or in VR-mode.

Recyclinator is not a game for everyone, it's a challenging puzzle game that doesn't hold your hand, and require you to figure out things on your own.

(VR mode is a bit buggy since I don't have a real headset to try it out on, but it should be fully playable)

Instead of solving predefined puzzles you build your own solutions in Recyclinator. Every puzzle can be solved in different ways, in single player, co-op or VR.

There is a wide array of weird and inefficient tools for you to use. Since the puzzles are physics-driven, you can use most tools in more than one way.

There are loads of different secrets and easter-eggs hidden in the game. Good luck finding them!

If you are interested you can try the free shareware version here:


Listen to a part of the soundtrack here and here.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Version 4
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Version 4

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