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Push your problem-solving skills to the limit in this unique puzzle game! · By Philisophic Games


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Available for free! + 1.1.1 update
Recyclinator can now be downloaded for free! Donors will get access to split screen and vr modes. Version 1.1.1 also fixes a few bugs...
4 files
Update 1.1.0
A new big update for the game! Changes: Many visual updates (More details, and generally better-looking) Bugs fixed Much of the code is remade to to make a more...
2 files
Hotfix 1.0.3
Changes: Lowered the price on some of the objects Fixed one of the levels in hub 2 that had some minor issues Changed level 5 in hub 1 a bit Further improved so...
Version 1.0.2 out!
Version 1.0.2 is now out! Changes: - Added a function that removes obstructing recyclables when placing objects. - Remade hub 1 to remove negative possibility...
1.0.1 Hotfix
Changes: - Fixed VR mode location bug - Added option to toggle music in the menu - Fixed issue that would let you spawn an infinite amount of menus - Added more...
After over a year of work the game is finally finished! It took longer than expected to make, but it turned out better than expected. Try it out now for a uniqu...
2 files
Lots of new screenshots added!
Check them out above!...
Push your problem-solving skills to the limit in this unique puzzle game!
VR support added!
The full game will, if things continue as planned, have support for Steam VR (HTC Vive), OSVR and Oculus Rift!...
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Please update Cool Forts Prevail!! That's so cool!
started by dinokill Dec 26, 2019
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i really liked the demo and wanna try out the full game but dont have acsees to it because its not availible for window
started by Dwayne the "Rock" Johnson Apr 03, 2017
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